When we think of love, a number of things immediately spring to mind. Firstly, we may think of romantic love; love for our spouse or partner. Secondly we may think of love for our immediate family such as parents and children. Thirdly, we may think of fraternal love; love for our friends and people in our social network. While this encompasses many of the different types of love, it omits one of the most important types of love: self-love. 

Self-love may be very important for the maintenance of good mental health. It can comprise many different factors, including eating well, exercise, pursuance of hobbies, or just having a kind and encouraging inner-voice. We would like to hear what you do in terms of self-love? How do you take care of yourself love-wise? Both for Valentine’s Day and in general? Please share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. Lise Lalande

    I was educated in boarding schools run by nuns so self love did not exist, it was deemed being selfish. It is hard to change your mentality but after a while I realized that self love was a necessity for survival. It is hard to change after basically being brainwashed but after being very depressed and with the help of a psychologist, I made some big changes in my life and am now enjoying life and my independence.


  2. Laur

    Hot yoga. Try to say nice things to myself. Tend to gravitate towards people who love me, so I can believe in what they say. Watch friends. Go on runs. Swim in crisp oceans. Ski. And breathe deeply.


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